Customized drilling solutions



Through its drilling Contracting division, Machines Roger International is able to offer a wide range of production drilling services from 1 3/4 to 30 inches in diameter (45 mm to 762 mm) as well as specialized drilling services.

Description of production drilling services

  • Small diameter long hole drilling from 1 ¾ to 3 in. (45 mm to 75 mm)
  • Support drilling
  • ITH production drilling from 3 7/8 to 6 ½ in. (95 mm to 165 mm) diameter
  • Service hole drilling from 8 to 16 in. (200 mm to 400 mm) diameter
  • Primary slot drilling 30 in. (762mm) diameter
  • Surface and underground diamond drilling (A to P)

These services are provided by a team of drillers and driller helpers, frontline supervisors and general foremen, supported by the technical services and human resources departments. This team ensures that the work meets operational requirements and is realized safely, while meeting time deadlines.

In addition, a technical and mechanical team at Machines Roger International facilities is present at all times in order to ensure that the different contract requirements are met.

The contract drilling division is continually innovating in order to provide services that are adapted to the realities of the environment.

In addition to its human resources, Machines Roger International has a diversified inventory of drilling equipment:

  • ITH drills
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Hydraulic/electric drills
  • 1500 drills (Ddh underground drilling)
  • 2500 drills (Ddh surface drilling)

The Machines Roger International facilities in Val-d'Or allow the company to design the drilling equipment on-site, while offering an exhaustive repair service. These facilities and the workshop team can perform all repairs, modifications and equipment maintenance from a large inventory of spare parts.

Our fleet of drills has been standardized to ensure a more efficient customer service.